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Meet our Holiday Collection


Besides indulging in delicious food over the holidays, what do you think will be on our table? Clean-burning, plant-based candles, of course! We want to share that by bringing the campfire indoors to you with our crackling wood-wicked candles! Come on, let's stay warm and have some fun!

Introducing our all new collection of candles for this holiday season: London Fog, Mango Tea, Apple Pie, and Bourbon Santal.

If you like earl grey tea, then you will love London Fog. Our version of this latte in a candle consists of a beautiful blend of bergamot and lavender with a hint of sweet milk. It even smells better when lit!

If you like the balance between sweet, tart, and slight bitterness, then you will love Mango Tea. We highly recommend it if you were a fan of Satsuma and Lychee Soju.

If you like yummy desserts, then you will love Apple Pie. It reminds us of Churro, but slightly different. It literally smells like holiday baking. Our version is a beautiful blend of caramelized apples infused with cinnamon, bubbling in a flaky, pie crust. This one is honestly to die for.

If you like sophisticated scents, then you will love Bourbon Santal. This one is infused with Italian cypress, oak, and amber with a touch of vanilla and bourbon. It almost reminds us of the classic cologne that men like to wear on a romantic date night. Or the scent that welcomes you to a 5 star hotel in the Rockies. Definitely a delicate scent for the musky and floral lovers. 

We hope this helped you find the perfect scents for yourself and your loved ones this Christmas!